What is HIIT Training?

Simply put, HIIT training is where it's at and has been sweeping the fitness world by storm. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is just that. It's intervals of high intensity and/or explosive movements which essentially bring the heart rate up and down quickly. Perhaps you've heard of Tabata? Tabata is a killer format of HIIT training and each circuit is only 4 MINUTES long! It is comprised of 20 seconds of maximum exertion or effort in movement to 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 repetitions or rounds. Sounds pretty simple, huh? In theory, yes, though in reality when your heart is pumping out of your chest, not so much. Give it a shot! Pick 4 total body exercises and Tabata-ize them. Some example exercises include burpees, squat to overhead shoulder press with dumbbells, jump rope, push-ups or even hopping on the old elliptical, cranking up the resistance a bit and giving it all you've got. You'll find yourself winded and probably quite proud of your effort in the end. Research shows that in some cases HIIT leads to better cardiovascular improvements and higher caloric expenditure in less time than steady state training such as running distance.). In summary, incorporating HIIT with appropriate intensity and frequency, into your cardiovascular training or regime gives you a time-efficient way to reach your goals. So go get your Tabata on!