Train like a boxer. Look like a fox. Feel like a rockstar

Why I Love Boxing-Based Training

I fell in love with boxing about 10 years ago. It actually started back when I was a group exercise kickboxing instructor but once I strapped on my first set of gloves, I was hooked. First of all, you SWEAT. Buckets. Boxing training is not just about throwing punches and jumping rope but rather a total workout experience. The endorphin release is incredible! I like to call it my workout "attitude adjustment". It's amazing how throwing a few punches can turn a frown upside down.

Ganesh Gloves.jpg

Because Agility is Sexy!

You use your entire body in every move that you make within boxing. Your core is rocking, you're moving in every plane of motion possible making you crazy agile. Your legs are trained in a unique way that gives you an incredible sense of balance and mentally you simply become sharper because boxing is just that, a mental workout, especially in the ring!

Boxing is endurance and power.

Boxing is a stress reliever. Boxing is a confidence building. Boxing is not about violence, I've never hit another human being. It's about skill, technique and most importantly bringing your fitness to a new level. And learning little self defense doesn't hurt.


Let's Kick Some Ass!