Cables Rock!

Cables Rock!

Isn't it though? It's SO weird how in 30 minutes a day you can completely change your health/life/wellness and overall happiness. So why wouldn't anyone want to find that 30 minutes in their day??? THAT'S what weird.

OMG, I'm Just TOOOOOO Busy!

Um, who isn't? I work most days from 7 AM until 8 PM and NO it doesn't matter that I'm a trainer and I'm in the gym 11-12 hours each day. Those hours aren't spent on working on me, they are spent working with my incredible clients. I'm training them and coaching them and helping them reach their goals. Don't get me wrong, I love my job more than life itself and selfishly seeing my clients both reach and exceed their goals is the most gratifying feeling I've ever experienced. But I need to stay healthy too…

The Magical Solution Revealed...

 Schedule it! TA-DAH! Schedule your workouts and your time for YOU and YOUR health just as you would schedule a meeting with your boss or personal appointment. Lock it in and don't budge on it! Get selfish, you deserve it!

UGH. I'm just not motivated and I'm tired before/after work

Get. A. Trainer. And this is coming from a trainer of 18 years who sees 2 to 3 trainers herself each week cause you know what, I'm tired too! As we've already discussed, I spend 11 to 12 hours per day in the gym so when it comes time for my work out sometimes that couch looks much more appealing. But having that set appointment and that accountability to show up gets my a$$ where it should be, maintaining my own good health and fitness!