Help Meeeeeeeeeee

Those who know me, know my deep adornment for straight up candy. And we aren't talking Godiva, we are talking Now & Later's. 

So many are shocked to hear this confession because I am a personal trainer and nutritionist so how can I possibly like something that is such garbage? And we all know that it isn't fat that makes us fat in foods, it's sugar so how could I possibly...?!?!?! 




A Huge Thanks

I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of these processed food companies who created the lifelong sugar monster that lives inside of me with your BS, crooked and scammy marketing. The Fat Free Boom was one of the biggest scams of the Food Industry. It's like this.... 

There was a concern in the 90s that our country was getting seriously overweight. So the food industry began removing fat from their food products and replacing it with sugar (and salt) to create these fat-free or low-fat items that still tasted good but had way less fat. Well what that did it is two things. It made food waaaaaaayyyy more addictive because sugar is seriously addictive. Some say it's as addictive as some narcotics such as cocaine. So removing the fat was a recipe not for success but for disaster for overeating and by creating intense cravings. Not to mention that these products were sold as "premium products" although it actually cost the manufacturer less to make to them. Sugar is one of the cheapest things on the planet. Think about it! You can walk into a coffee shop and fill your pockets with sugar packets and no one cares because it's free! I barely even ate candy until the early 90s and now I can't walk by a candy bowl without salivating. And once I eat even a tiny piece of whatever I can't seem to's game on! My body behaves of an addict obsessing over my next sugar high. 

A Happy Medium :)

I don't have one. I've come to realize that I simply can't. I am not one of those people who can control myself and "have just a little bit every once in a while" and stay in my zone. Its A or B, all or nothing, black and white. And not to mention, there is a hellish price to pay after I do indulge in my favorite guilty pleasure as my body literally withdraws and it takes me a few days to get my shizz together. 



I'm a Child of the 90's

For those of you who are at least 35 years of age, I'm sure you remember the Fat Free craze of the 90s. We had Fat Free Doritos, Fat-Free Twinkies, fat free everything! So back then we thought that if we housed a whole bag of FF Doritos and then had jelly beans for dessert we were doing a great job and we're going to lose weight. Forget about nutritional value and OH! and the fact that we were crushing thousands of empty calories each week, it was fat free so who cares!

My Personal Detox

Simple! It's going back to the basics. Things that grow from our earth and doing it for a week. Yes, this means no cocktails (someone always asks...) I've created my 7+7 REBOOT Whole Food Detox and optional Meal Delivery in order to help my clients do just that, detox from all the processed junk that is so easily accessible in our country that we grab because we are just so busy. To learn more about the 7+7 REBOOT and Meal Delivery visit my website at