Back to Life....Back to Reality

At this time of change in the seasons, it is also a big season of change in our day to day. Reality is BACK. Summer vacation is over, school is back in session, cooler temps are coming and less daylight alter our social activities. But now that the distraction of BBQ's, beaches and pool parties are dwindling, we need to get back "us". Although it may be tempting to try to avoid or ignore the transitions that are occurring, try to embrace this time and use it to make a plan for some new goals. What part of your life could use some restructuring or transformation? 



 7+7Reboot - 14 Virtual Days of Clean Eating and Health Coaching

No more Excuses! The 7+7 REBOOT Whole Food Detox Diet is now  100% virtual!

1. (2) 30-minute one-on-one virtual Skype or telephone session with ME. We kick off your Day 1 with a virtual session.  We then touch base again for your second session on Day 7 OR Day 14, whichever what you prefer.

2. Access to 1:1 Email coaching support starts Day 1. 24-hour Support to answer your questions.

3. Booklet - 108 pages of the How To's, the meal plan, TONS of our very own whole food recipes and stat sheets to track your before and after info. 

4. Daily Emails with topics such as Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs, Stress Eating, Sugar Addiction, Self Care and lots of other good stuff.

READY TO START? $99.00 till October 31st (reg. $125.00)