Day 12 - This was an off day from workouts. 

Breakfast -2 hard boiled eggs and 1 Pear

Snack - Cold Pressed Almond milk

Lunch - REBOOT Tofu Mushroom Fried Rice

Snack - REBOOT Turkey Bacon Deviled Eggs

Dinner - Dinner at Burlock Coast Ritz Carlton (YUM!)
6 raw bar Oysters
Micro greens side salad
Tuna tartare

Best Food On Fort Lauderdale Beach!

Best Food On Fort Lauderdale Beach!

Day 13 - 90 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Class

I found the weekends to be a little tough to get in 3 meals and 2 snacks as we are on a different schedule then we are on weekdays. So I stuck with our usual Saturday and Sunday brunch ritual!

BRUNCH - 2 scrambled eggs
1 cup mixed Strawberries, pineapple and watermelon
2 cups Baby kale salad with grape tomatoes, crispy turkey bacon crumbles and 1 ounce of brie goat cheese
4 Shishito peppers (blistered)
4 ounces Fresh squeezed orange juice 

Snack (late afternoon) REBOOT Berry Vanilla smoothie

Dinner - Mario's Catalina Cuban

4 Cuban style grilled shrimp
Side salad with mixed greens, hearts of palm, tomato
1/2 cup black beans

Day 14 - The Finale! I was feeling pretty sore and beat up from the double session workouts all week so did some foam rolling, stretching and meditating in the morning before we hit the beach!

Iced Coffee with a splash of almond milk beachside

Iced Coffee with a splash of almond milk beachside

Brunch with friends visiting from Boston at Burlock Coast Ritz Carlton (yes, again!)

6 ounce Angus Beef Burger with local avocado, local tomato (no bread, Bibb lettuce instead of the bun!

Small side salad

Snack (Late Afternoon) - REBOOT Grab and Go Breakfast Bar

Dinner - My own Chicken Basil Pesto "Pasta" with Steamed Asparagus (pictured below)


Weigh-in, stats and after pictures to be posted tomorrow! Wish me luck!!!