Accountability. We hear about it. We're pretty sure that we know we NEED some...but what exactly is it when it comes to our health? It means keeping it real, keeping it in-check and keeping it consistent. I always tell my clients that getting there is the easy part, it's staying there that is the challenge. And gettin' there AIN'T easy. Improved health including weight loss, is really 2 straight-forward things:

Training Iron Man Triathlete Mike!

Training Iron Man Triathlete Mike!

1. Simple Math (I.e. calories in calories out - but still QUALITY of calories significantly matter!)

2. Compliance. From both you AND your trainer and/or coach!

The Personal Trainer's Grossest Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes that trainers and coaches make is sheer mindset. They view what we do as providing you with a service as we get paid for our time, sort of like an attorney. But what they FORGET is that it's not just the vehicle, but it's getting the client to their destination.

What if you wanted to go to your favorite restaurant to eat.  So let's say that you call a cab to get to your restaurant of choice. The cab takes you on a beautiful scenic route that you very much enjoy. But then never takes you to the restaurant and circles you back to home. Would you not be a TAD upset? So yeah, kind of the same thing.

Grocery Shopping Debate with my favorite Mr. Menzer!

Grocery Shopping Debate with my favorite Mr. Menzer!

My Weight-Loss or Money Back Guarantee

If your goal is weight loss, then I can help. I don't just TELL you what to do, I TEACH you what to do so that you have the tools that you will need for sustainable, healthy, nutrient dense eating going forward. And possibly for the rest of your life.

Some of my colleagues think I'm insane for this guarantee due to the risk attached. But I feel that once my client makes the commitment, failure is not an option. However, with said guarantee comes with 3 stipulations:

1. The client must train and health coach (combined) with me a minimum of two (2) 60-minute sessions per week for however long the aforementioned simple math indicates that the goal weight should be achieved (at approx. 1 to 1.5 lbs. per week)

2. The client must 110% comply with ALL physical activity and meal planning assignments per my directive and;

3. Must commit to using my behavior tracking mechanisms for BOTH caloric and intake and physical activity (no, I'm not giving up how I do it unless your are a client. Sorry guys :))

I offer Free/Complimentary 30-Minute Health History Assessments if you'd like to hear more about this program or any of my programs actually.

Remember, Virtual Training and Coaching is always an option if we aren't neighbors. It's pretty cool and some of my pretty cool clients are happy to provide their insight and recommendation! Plus you can try it for FREE!

Just a little Repelling 2 weeks ago. Outdoor Fitness ROCKS!

Just a little Repelling 2 weeks ago. Outdoor Fitness ROCKS!

So Flo Well Body

The time has come for my next creation. South Florida, get ready for So Flo Well Body! 

Life hasn't been terrible doing the Snow Bird thing, although I'll admit to being a tad surprised that winter has been a breeze up in Boston thus far. But I'm LOVING the Virtual Training and monthly visits back up north to see clients and friends.

But I'm writing this on my way to do an outdoor client training, in shorts and a tank top so....there's that. Oh, and it's 78 degrees today. Jus' sayin'.

Moving on, I'm launching my new brand in my newest location later this week and I have another big project in the works that's still under wraps but here's a's a youth program that I anticipate will fair well with the unique concept. More to come on both!

So I'm still doing what I do, but with a fresh twist. Speaking of which, I've been updating my site quite a bit so if you have a sec to stick around to check it out.....

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GO PATS on Super Bowl Numero 5!